Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Why I Love Half Term

Beautiful light on the river
At 2 am this morning I was so grateful that it was half term. I couldn't believe it was possible that our toddler's sleep could get even worse but since the clock change it has and he has taken to waking up and screaming at the top of his little lungs every hour of the night. But last night it wasn't a disaster as I knew that this morning we could stay in our pj's and do nothing but play and drink tea all day.....if we wanted to. As it was nobody did, it was the most amazing sunny autumnal  day and everyone wanted to go out and  pick pumpkins and have a walk so that's what we've done. It was the best morning I've had in a long time, the light was AMAZING and we had loads of fun.

Pumpkins picked at our local farm 
We all enjoyed choosing our pumpkins. We visited a local farm and they had hundreds to choose from, different varieties shapes and sizes. While the older two deliberated about the perfect size and shape of pumpkin required for their carved creations, my youngest enjoyed running around the barn chatting to the staff, the whole experience was great, we will always buy direct from the growers in future. We don't 'celebrate' Halloween but we do like carving pumpkins and I've chosen a crown variety myself this year as I'll be carving a pumpkin too in support of World Vision's charity campaign ''Every Child Free From Fear'' 

An unexpected geocache find under an oak tree

We then went for a walk at a nearby nature reserve. It is definitely jumper weather, but the sun was warm and the light was amazing. We hadn't planned to, but we decided to do a quick geocache search and we found one not to far away hidden under an oak tree.

I have a stick and  new wellies, will find mud!

Following the storm  it was pretty muddy in places which was great news for our youngest as he has just acquired new wellies. After a lot of searching I eventually found a pair in a tiny size 3 and we all wanted to see them christened today. Which they well and truly were. There were a few little falls too so it was not just the wellies that got muddy!

All in all a perfect half term day.

Happy children = happy Mummy

Oh and did I mention we went for cake and hot chocolate after
too? ........