Thursday, 14 November 2013

My Hardest Year

NaBlaPoMo 14

I've been distracted this week, a visit from my sister and Dad and writing placecards for a dear friend's wedding has meant my blog has taken a back seat, but I really had to post for todays NaBloPoMo.

What was your hardest age?

Yesterday my Dad turned 75! My Dad is my hero, he has been a steadfast friend, confident, counsellor. In my hardest year he was my rock, it was the year after my 30th birthday, I thought my life had fallen apart. With his support, that of my family and friends I got through it, picked myself up and embraced life again

The year after I turned 30 was absolutely the hardest year of my life
But I found out how strong I am.
I discovered the true value of my friends and family
Who propped me up, believed in me and made me feel 
Loved and Worthy and Capable.
Even when inside I felt that I had not the heart to endure another day.

I learned that I could be independent and decisive.
I made emornous, life-changing decisions
For myself and my children.
I changed my career, stepped off the treadmill 
And put my little family first.

I started the very slow journey to complete my degree.
And I rediscovered my love for running.
I ran and ran, running was therapy.
Leaders of the Free World  was poetry for my soul.

At the end of the year I met the most charming man,
Who I wasn't looking for but who gently fixed me.
He opened my heart again.
He opened my eyes to the beauty of mountains
And taught me about trust and patience.

Turning 31 was OK. No regrets, life was not over 
In fact the best chapters hadn't been written.